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Street Repairs is now available as an app

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The Street Repairs mobile phone application is designed to assist motorists, the Highways Agency and local authorities to quickly identify community issues such as potholes, street lighting faults, pavement issues and much more in real time.

Our motto is simple, “let’s fix Britain together” Now with this powerful app you have the opportunity to make changes for the better to your community, your roads and your country.


Scratching the surface

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Welcome to the Street Repairs website, the fastest growing street fault reporting system on the net. We help local people stay in touch with their local council, so they can work together to create a safer, better cared for local environment.

Often it isn't a lack of money that prevents these issues from being tackled - it's a lack of communication. Local people, who are in the best position to identify problems when they first arise, aren't sure who they should report them to, while the local council, although willing to rectify the problem, aren't aware of it.

It is quick and easy to report

Reporting a street problem is easily done on your computer, tablet or even mobile phone via our cloud based system.

The Street Repairs website offers full mobile functionality, which means it can be accessed via any Smartphone. Simply input a few details about the problem and its location, we then bring it to the attention of the local council. Updates on the status of your report are sent back to you via email and text message.


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