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National Pothole Day

National Pothole Day 2015 was a huge success and we wish to thank everybody who got involved. Next year's #NationalPotholeDay will be held on the 15th Of January 2016

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The Pothole War Has Only Just Begun

For many years our road infrastructure has suffered. Motorists, cyclists, motorcyclists and road users in general feel they are not getting value for money. Our roads have taken a battering in recent years. Colder winters, flooding and a higher volume of traffic all contribute to further degradation. Well you have said enough is enough.

You the public have told us through our social media channels that you are fed up with damage to your personal property and the effect it is having in your community. Hitting a pothole can add unexpected repair bills to the annual cost of motoring. Feelings about pothole issues are running high so we have decided to organise a National Pothole Day for you to get personally involved.


We are organising this National Pothole Day on the 15th of January 2015 as part of an awareness campaign to rid our roads of this blight. We will engage with the press and TV on your behalf to emphasise what has been happening in your area. You can become part of the solution and support this war on potholes by downloading our free app or by reporting potholes directly to our website

In order to further highlight this serious pothole issue we need as many willing people as possible to report potholes using the Street Repairs powerful reporting system. Will you join us?

Get involved, do something about it, after all they are your roads.

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